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Everyone loves Polka Dots! Maybe not Bees, in person anyways! This cute polka dot and bee wreath is sure to charm everyone! Handmade with 6 different types of ribbons sizes from 2.5" 3.5"  all corresponding theme! This 12" wreath is made on a 6 inch metal wire frame and is all fabric ribbons, Large loopy bow with little Bee embellishments! 

Polka Dots & Bees!

  • Wreath should be protected from the elements! We all know here at Tipsy's you want to showcase your wreaths for all to enjoy but unfortunetly the weather can be brutal here in New England and may be where you are also! I suggest it be hung where it is protected from the elements, If it does get wet pat dry with towel and be sure to let air dry before storing away. Store in a cool dry place. 

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