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DIY Macrame Bottle Decor!

Come join me for a bit Chit chat, using some fabulous cording I got from Nook Theory! I don't know about you but I love the way you can literally transform anything, like a glass bottle, into something that you would find at a posh home store! It's fun and satisfying to make your own decor! And saving a bit of moulah at the same time! I have a couple pictures below showing the final result! For me it was a satisfying and therapuetic craft to do, just be careful you do not burn your fingers but you really only need a bit of glue because it is only a light weight product you are trying to hold to the glass surface, so you do not have to go crazy with it! :D Concentrate and be patient, go slow. If you do not finish it today there is always tomorrow! Take your time. Remember, when using a Hot Glue gun and products, use caution and follow instructions. Have fun!!

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